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211 S 4th Ave
Pocatello, ID 83201

Monday-Friday 11:00-5:00
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Spice Rack

Spice Rack
Price was $16.00 - now $8.00

Hand painted Bavarian plate

Hand painted Bavarian Plate

9" hand painted plate made in Bavaria. Price was $14.50 - now $7.25

Cake Stand and Bavarian Bowl

Cake Stand and Bavarian Bowl
Blue and white cake stand 4" high and 10" across. Price was $10.00, now $5.00. Covered serving bowl made in Bavaria. Price was $20.00, now $10.00.

Sewing Basket

Button Basket
Woven 5 1/2" sewing basket filled with buttons on cards. Price was $7.50 - now $3.75

Plates and Cup

Plates and Cup

Vintage Crockery Mixing Bowl

Vintage 9" Crockery mixing bowl with "Pie Crust" rim and pink and blue stripes. Price was $25.00 - now $12.50

Art Glass

Reuven Noveau satin art glass or vanity jar. Price was $38.00 - now $19.00

Lead Crystal Bell

Lead Crystal Bell with horse design. Price was $8.00 - now $4.00

Black Velvet Evening Bag

Black velvet evening bag, pink lining with matching coin purse. Price was $12.00 - now $6.00

Cocktail Shaker

Chrome and glass cocktail mixer/shaker. Price was $17.00 - now $8.50

Glass Bell

5" glass bell. Price was $5.00 - now $2.50

Ice Bucket

Price was $10.00 - now $5.00

Pottery Vase

Glazed green pottery planter or vase. Price was $15.00 - now $7.50


Lamp Price was $8.00 - now $4.00

Bentley Lighter, Pocket Knife, Pencil

Bentley Lighter, Pocket Knife, Pencil

Cowboy Hat

Cowboy Hat
Price was $15.00 - now $7.50

Midge Doll

Price was $75.00 - now $37.50

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